Butterfly Blessings


On August 23, 2010, under extremely difficult circumstances, Norie Huddle received her inspiration to draw and color 1001 Butterflies, one each day.  She began immediately.

Norie's early butterflies were quick childlike pastel pencil sketches.  But soon the butterflies became more complex, sometimes taking 4 or 5 hours each to draw and color. 

Forty–two days passed....

By now convinced that Norie really was going to "do this butterfly thing," Richard suggested that she only draw half of the butterfly.  Then he could use his high-resolution digital graphics tablet to trace her sketch.

This way he could copy and flip original perfect symmetry and finer quality lines for her to color.  And, it would be MUCH faster than having Norie try to make the second wing perfect!

They began to work together in this way each day.   Here’s half of one of Norie’s original sketches….

Next Norie and Richard review his tracing of the half butterfly, making any improvements they can see.  Richard then copies and “flips” the image, matching it up with the other half to create the perfectly symmetrical butterfly.  He prints this out for Norie to color.

….here’s Richard tracing her sketch on his graphics tablet... that is capable of super-high resolution....

Once Norie has colored each new butterfly, Richard scans & processes the image into the digitized collection .  Norie is also creating an archive of all the originals— pencil sketches, line drawings & colored originals.  As of the posting of this website, we have 16 notebooks filled with Butterfly Blessings!

To learn more about how the butterflies have transformed our lives, download our free PDF,

The Healing Power of Butterflies

Norie’s first butterfly