About Us


Dear Friends,

We are two people who believe that humanity is now going through the greatest challenge our species has ever confronted in our history on Earth. 

The decisions each & every human being makes in the next few years will shape our collective fate:  chaos & extinction or transformation & re-birth. As Buckminster Fuller told Norie in 1983,  its “Utopia or oblivion.”

Each one of us has a critical part to play in this great transformation.  Thank you for doing your part—first and foremost, through setting an example yourself in the way you live your life.  Be the change you want to see happen!

Also, help spread the Good News by networking and sharing positive examples of humanity living in harmony, co-creation, mutual respect and appreciation.

Together we can do what no one of us can do alone.  NOW is the time to let your beautiful Light shine as brightly as you know how. Together, let’s turn the whole Earth back into a Garden of Paradise.

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