Butterfly Blessings


June, 2013:

Norie Huddle has available for sale, direct to you, a small number of these increasingly rare, new condition, First Edition copies of her landmark book, Butterfly, signed by the author. 

Butterfly has sold on amazon.com for up to $600.00; prices vary.

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Crown linen front cover

Close-up of gold-embossed butterfly

Front Cover

Back Cover

Flyleaf, inside front cover

Flyleaf, inside back cover


Here are screen shots taken on June 1, 2013, of Amazon.com’s sale prices for Butterfly

While we continue to have copies of Butterfly in new condition, you can save a significant amount of money – AND get a copy signed by Norie – when you purchase Butterfly directly from us.  Click here to contact us. 

And now, the beautiful butterfly

begins to push its way out of the chrysalis, into the outside world.  

An important secret –

Don’t help the butterfly at this time:

It needs this exercise to grow strong

so that it can fly.

(Excerpt from Butterfly)

Please note:  Prices on Amazon for Collector’s Edition copies of Butterfly will vary from time to time – and not all will be signed by the author. 

If you are seriously wanting a copy of this landmark book, in new condition and signed by the author you may wish to make this purchase sooner rather than later, as our supply is limited and we sincerely think prices will be going up. 

Click here to contact us about our current prices.

Below is a June 1, 2013 screenshot of USED copies of Butterfly:

Eight copies are available from Amazon, ranging from $60.57 to $363.12

Below is a June 1, 2013 screenshot of COLLECTIBLE copies of Butterfly:

Two copies are available from Amazon, one at $471.14 and one at $417.16