Norie and Richard create Playshops at the Garden of Paradise Healing and Retreat Center in Ecuador as part of personal or small group retreats or for special events.

First inspired to take up photography in 1962, by the famous photographic collection, "The Family of Man," Norie taught herself both composition and technical skills during the early 1960s, while studying Russian at Brown University. 

She has taught photography to disadvantaged youth and and specializes in informal portraits, where she has a knack for eliciting and capturing highly spontaneous moments. 

Norie’s professional experience includes shooting weddings, portraits (formal and informal) and landscapes, altered image photography and still-lifes.  Her work has been shown in juried exhibits and she won second prize in the only contest she ever entered.

Arts & Crafts

Garden of Paradise

Healing and Retreat Center

Individual and small group instruction

in the following subject areas are available:

in the

Calligraphy with Richard Wheeler

While at the Garden of Paradise, re-tool your visual perception skills and learn to communicate with truly beautiful letters. 

A student of world-renowned master calligrapher Lloyd J. Reynolds at Reed College, Richard will teach you basic

Calligraphic skills that you will be able to build on in the alphabet(s) of your choice.  You’ll enjoy this for years to come!

We will concentrate on learning form & proportion, pen angles, stroke order & rhythm to create the alphabet(s) of your choice....lovely works of art you can take home with you to practice, enjoy & give as gifts to those you love.

Calligraphy is a remarkable tool for conveying wisdom combined with beauty to transform human civilization.  Who needs or wants violence?  Let’s use beauty, grace and truth to inspire one another, so that we can all turn the Earth back into the Garden of Paradise it is meant to be.  (Plus, calligraphy is enormous FUN!!)

Fees will vary depending on your desired program.

Please click here to inquire.

Click here to learn more about the Calligraphic tradition at Reed College

Couples Headwork  with Richard Wheeler

How to make him / her happily yours forever....

Not a technique hidden for centuries in the distant Himalayas, this is a tried -and-true method developed by Richard as part of his 43-year Rolfing practice. 

HEAD RUBS at sublime, stratospheric levels!!  Richard teaches this work to couples who want a beautiful way to share love and good feelings with one another, while helping each other relax and unwind at a new level.

You will also come away from this workshop with one of Richard's inventions—the strap, a tool that enables you to hold tight on your beloved's cranium without stressing yourself out.

Must be experienced to be appreciated fully!

For this three-hour workshop, which includes demonstrations of various techniques and practice, the fee for one couple is $80.  Two couples or more, $100 per couple. 

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Writing with Norie Huddle

Have you been dreaming (perhaps for years...or decades) of finally writing your best-seller?   Your autobiography or memoirs? A children’s book?  A book of interviews with people in your field of expertise or interest?  A book of your poems and artwork?

Our Garden of Paradise may be the perfect place to realize your dream—and more enjoyably and at less cost than you might have dreamed possible. 

Not only is the beautiful and tranquil setting conducive to writing (and to any creative endeavor), you can also schedule time with Norie to give you kind and constructive feedback and perhaps a few helpful suggestions.  Or, if you don’t know quite how to get the story out, maybe Norie can interview you (recording the interview) and ask just the sorts of questions you need to draw out your story in an interesting and engaging fashion.  Prepare to be surprised and delighted with the process!

A best-selling author (in several languages), Norie has also ghost-written several books and done the final edit of others.  She can help you with every step of the writing process, from concept, organization of the story line, character development, dialogue, descriptions and more. 

Editing services are also available at standard rates. 

By arrangement.  Fees will vary. 

To see Norie’s books, click here.

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High level communications skills

For Individuals, Couples, Families & Small Groups

with Norie Huddle

Since the early 1980s, Norie has served as a professional consultant to individuals, couples, families, small groups and large organizations to improve dramatically people's skills in listening and communicating effectively—both verbally and non-verbally. 

Even an hour of consulting with Norie can contribute to breakthroughs in transforming decades-old patterns that have held back you (or those you love) from realizing your highest levels of performance. 

Day-long programs, two-day and week-long programs are also available.

Norie tailors her trainings to meet your specific needs and budget.  For more information, please click here to contact Norie directly.

Photography with Norie Huddle and Richard Wheeler

Ecuador is a photographer’s paradise.  Norie and Richard are both award-winning photographers who delight in the photographic medium.  We like using a variety of expressions—including combining photography with words, calligraphy and artistic layouts.  Whether you are a complete beginner or have been doing photography for years, we can help you go to the next level of your photographic and visual expression.

Let us know what your photographic goals are and we will work with you to design the playshop of your dreams.

….to portraits, formal and informal….

From macro-photography of flowers and insects and unexpectedly beautiful patterns discovered at the macro-level in the web of life….

We offer constructive feedback and evaluation, including reviewing existing photographs and creating new ones to review each day. 

….to panoramas of mountains, rivers and valleys….

….to sunsets and sunrises and times of special light….or time-exposure at night…

….to using your photographs as sources of inspiration for drawing and painting….

….to combining your photographs with




artistic expressions of

various kinds….

….to playing with computer settings to generate special effects….

….to inventing something new!

Let us know your goals for developing and improving your photographic expression and we will create with you a workshop that will fit your goals and budget.

Richard Wheeler: Finding the Unexpected Image

Richard loves discovering unique environments.  His photographic experience is varied, including micro-photography of protozoa, scientific documentation of paleontological excavations, super macro shots of insects and flowers and other tiny "nature exhibits". 

His one-man show of "Nature's Original Impressionist"—photographs taken inside the La Brea Tar Pits—received great acclaim at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum and was the first-ever and only-so-far fine art show presented at the George C. Page Museum. 

Click here to find samples of Richard’s photographs from this exhibit on Richard’s personal website.

Norie Huddle: Natural Portraits & Creative Composition